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Space Features

Scan & 360° Walkthrough

We'll scan your Space to provide a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location. Give your guests an immersive experience which gets them excited to begin their visit with you.

The scan is the prerequisite for all the other features embedded in the Space.​ Scanning time takes roughly 30 minutes per 1,000 SF, depending on obstacles and complexity.

Space Re-Scanning
Once your initial Space model is created, we’ll re-scan your space if change your furniture, layout, decorations, or for any other reason. Re-scans are priced at half-off the regular Scan price at the time of purchase.

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3D Guided Tour

A Guided Tour is highlight reel of shot angles inside the Space to show off key positions/views of a Space. The Tour allows viewers to sit back and relax as they are automatically guided through a Space, simply by clicking a play button.

We’ll create the Guided Tour with a logical path through your Space, highlighting key features and areas. At any point in a Guided Tour, you can stop and explore a Space in more detail.

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Schematic Floor Plan

We'll provide the black-and-white floor plans generated directly from your Space. These plans are annotated with room labels and sizes.

The dimensions and measurements taken from a Space are generally accurate within 1% of reality under normal conditions.

Space Collaborators can create their own Floor Plan Views, containing Custom Labels for each area of the Space.

Virtual Reality (VR)

We'll make your Spaces viewable in VR, which will allow visitors to get immersed into your Space.

VR Spaces are viewable on VR headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, using most smartphones.

become a collaborator

Collaborators can customize the Guided Tour, add/edit Smart Tags, download images, add labels, and much more.

Collaborators have their own login to their Space(s) and will receive an in-person tutorial on how to edit these features themselves.


We can include annotations directly in your 3D Space to highlight key features of your business or property.

Smart Tags provide information about features in your Spaces by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations. Smart Tags can be color-coded and may contain detailed information on an item, show photos, embed videos, link to external sources, and more!

Space Collaborators can create their own Custom Smart Tags to highlight the products and features they prefer.

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Labels are short descriptions you can associate with a room in a Space.

Labels are shown in the top-down floor plan view of each floor of the Space.​

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product Showcase

We'll capture a photo or a short video clip highlighting your product/offering inside the Space. This showcase will be embedded into the Smart Tag to increase visibility and viewership.

Spotlights use Smart Tags of a different color to show items of interest, such as sale items or special offerings.

We’ll create the photo/video of the item(s) you want to Spotlight and embed it into the Tag.

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google street view Integration

We'll publish your Space to Google Maps to help drive additional traffic to your Space's model.

Publishing your Space to Google Maps will drive additional traffic to your venues’ offerings.

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Hosted Account
You may elect to integrate your Space using your company’s Google account, allowing you to manage your own contributions, review insights, and more.


All Shamrock Spaces receive a free Business Listing.

Consider upgrading to a Featured or Spotlight Listing to receive priority or premium placement on our homepage, sub-pages, and directory listings.


We'll provide the ability to embed your Space directly into your personal or company website! Don't have a webmaster or know how to embed your Space? We can help with that too!

Website integrations allow for customized experiences, including parameters that allow you to fine-tune the behavior of your Space.

These parameters also allow you to decide how your Space behaves depending on which link you share/click.

Frequently asked questions

Start by contacting us to get your free consultation and a price quote to scan your Space.  Visit the Plans & Pricing page to learn more.

By joining Shamrock Spaces, you will receive a 3D interactive scan of your Space.  That Space will be listed on this website and the 3D interactive model will be live for all to see. You can choose which Plan you’d like to subscribe to, or Customize one to fit your needs.  Each Plan has certain benefits and features.

This program is open all businesses or customers wanting to increase virtual exposure to their physical location.

Businesses that have physical items on display (real estate, apparel, goods, products, etc) may find the most benefit of having virtual visitors.

You may place an order on the Smart Tag Creation/Update Order Form. Please submit the form for each Smart Tag that you would like for us to add to your Space. We’ll use the information you provide to create the Smart Tag(s).

No purchase necessary. You may wish to list your business on this website without creating a Space.

However, if you subscribe to a Plan, you will be automatically entitled to the features and benefits of the Plan. Only businesses wishing to add a Space or additional features to their Space(s), including Labels, Floor Plans, Product Spotlights, etc. need to purchase a Plan subscription.

We’ll be happy to customize a plan for your business, or you can purchase additional items as needed.  Contact us to get started!

If you choose to cancel your Plan subscription, your Space will be reverted to the features and benefits of the Free subscription tier. All features that were included in the canceled subscription tier will be permanently removed from the model.  If you choose to begin a subscription again, the features will have to be recreated.

Shamrock Spaces is an offering by Shamrock Drones in Savannah, GA.  Shamrock Drones provides aerial/still photography, virtual tours, and videography services in Georgia and North Carolina, USA.

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